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Board of Advisors

Swarasindhu is advised by the following Advisory Board:

1. Vidushi Smt. Nagarathna Sadasiva

Vidushi Smt. Nagarathna Sadasiva is the guiding light for the Swarasindhu Project.

She started learning both vocal music and violin at a young age under the violin maestro Sangeeta Sahitya Shiromani Sri. R.R.Keshnavamurthy. By the age of 18 years, Smt. Sadasiva had already finished her vidwat course in music. Over the next years she trained intensively under her Guru and had built up a repertoire of over 400 Kritis. She completed her education in Bangalore, and moved to Bhilai after her marriage. Having acquired a sound foundation in music by then, she single mindedly pursued the art and discipline of Carnatic music, while living in Bhilai.

In those days the radio (as is perhaps true to this day, despite emergence of other alternatives) was the primary source for listening to the great masters. She has a deep admiration for the venerable Smt. D.K.Pattammal, for her innimitable style of singing raga and perfection in rendition of Kritis. Smt. Sadasiva thinks of the great teacher and Vidwan, Sri Voleti Venkateswarulu as her manasika Guru, since she learnt innumerable kritis from him through the radio.

Being gifted with an extraordinarily sharp mind, Smt. Sadasiva would absorb the kriti as it was broadcast on radio, and start working on the kriti and put it down in a notation draft. She would wait for the kriti to be broadcast once again, and make minor corrections and refinements in her prepared lesson. This would go on until she completely mastered the Kriti, and simultaneously the notations were perfected. In this assiduous and painstaking manner, she build up a repertoire of more than 1000 kritis over several decades, purely out of love for music and a compelling desire to learn the compositions of timeless beauty.

It is these notations that are now brought to you. Smt. Sadasiva believes that it is possible for anyone to learn Kritis in this manner, if there is a strong desire to learn, and earlier a good foundation in music has been built in the traditional method under a Guru.

Smt Nagarathna Sadasiva is currently settled in Bangalore, and continues her journey in the world of Carnatic Music.

Listen  to Smt. Vidushi Nagarathna Sadasiva.

2. Vidwan Sri H.S.Sudhindra

Vidwan Sri H.S.Sudhindra is generously and ably guiding Swarasindhu, especially in specialised aspects relating to tala, laya, and the art of percussion in Carnatic Music.

Vidwan Sri H.S.Sudhindra has been under the tutelage of the great gurus Vidwan Sri. M.Vasudeva Rao and Vidwan Sri. Srimushnam.V.Raja Rao, two outstanding exponents of the Art of Playing Mridangam, widely respected both as performers and teachers.

He started to perform at the tender age of thirteen and has never looked back. He passed his Vidwat exam conducted by the Government of Karnataka securing the first rank. He is an 'A' graded artist and performs in the All India Radio, Doordarshan, and other broadcasting channels. His strict adherence to tradition, aesthetic sense, innovative approach and adaptability to different styles of music has received acclaim from musicians, connoisseurs, laymen and the media alike. He is deeply devoted and committed to the field of music.

Apart from being a much sought-after percussionist in Bangalore, he has been performing regularly during the December season at Chennai since 1994. He has also performed all over the globe, including in the well known Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival. He is the receipient of numerous awards and titles, and has published papers and given a number of lecture demonstrations on topics related to percussion in Carnatic Music.

He is the founder trustee and principal of Suswaralaya College Of Music. Through this institution, Vidwan Sri H.S.Sudhindra is rendering great service to the cause of Music. Do visit the Suswaralaya website for more information on the activities of the Suswaralaya College of Music.

3. Sri H.P.Pai

Sri H.P.Pai comes from a family deeply interested in Music. As a young lad of 4 years, he would often listen to Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, who would stay at his uncle's place and given enthralling performances in Mangalore. The impression made then still draws Sri H.P Pai strongly towards music.

By profession Sri H.P. Pai is a Charted Accountant and a partner of the firm H.P.Pai & Associates. He has guided the formation and management of the Swarasindhu Trust at every step since its inception.

4. Sri V. Sivashankar

Venkata Sivashankar is a violinist and software architect rolled into one. He is an expert in web based application design. He completed his masters from IIT Delhi and MS from University of Colorado.

Sivashankar took his violin lessons from Vidwan Sri Fiddle Shankaranarayana Bhagavatar. He debuted in Madurai in 1984, and has played for dance dramas as well as for concerts. He is a graded artist in AIR Madurai and DD Chennai.

Sivashankar has been involved in with Swarasindhu right from the beginning, as the technology brain behind the project.